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Mandy Chris

I have worked for my surgical team for 10 years both on the NHS and in the private sector. During this time my surgeons have hand trained me to fully understand all of the procedures they undertake; I have been lucky enough to watch them work in theatre and so have a good understanding of what they actually do and am better able to communicate what is involved, the complexity of any surgery, the impact on your personal world and the recovery and post op period where I can fully support you through your journey.

As my team continue to train me on the constant changes within the medical industry I am current and up to date with anything new or breaking that could affect and influence your care and treatment. This connective and communicative link between my team and myself gives you the finest opportunities to ensure that when you engage my team you get the best, supportive experience.

I set myself and my team the highest standards of communication, response, and commitment to your care, whether it is cancer, gallstones, hernia, reflux disease or any of other the important conditions we manage across my team.

I am proud to be the Practice Manager for my team of surgeons. We offer the finest care with exceptional attention to detail. I offer comprehensive patient and family support regardless of the surgical procedure performed, help, advice, information and my time for you to talk through anything that is a worry to you.

I am the hub of everything that happens within my office. My surgeons expect this of me and it is the level of service we all within my team will provide to you.

We changes lives, we provide hope, and where we can’t help, we’ll support you. I am deeply proud my team provide can this level of service, and I am a part of this.

I am your first port of call and I remember every patient once I’ve talked to you and heard your circumstances. My memory goes back 10 years and my old patients still talk to me and get continuity of care, knowledge and commitment to everything they continue to need because I know you all personally, and I never forget people, I never forget you.

If my team can help you they will, if not, they might know a someone who can, it’s worth the call to find out.

My name is Mandy, I answer the phone, that’s where your journey starts...